eLila on iPad

eLila on iPad currently works on the following fleets

eLila, iPad version has been developed to meet the increasing demand from aircraft operators in the use of these devices.
eLila on iPad offer a wide range of applications intended to assist the flight crew in many task. Available modules are

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Takeoff performance (Shows EOSID plate and/or text)
Landing performance
Weight & balance calculation
Check List
Document visualizer (own pdf reader and compatible with Goodreader)
Features and functions
Take-off and Landing calculations
Non normal calculations (PMC Off, Anti-skid Off, Reverser inoperative, etc)
CDL and MEL items, taking account performance degradation
Weight & Balance
Custom Check list per tail number
Documents module covering all fleets, per fleet or/and per tail number
Pilot tools (METAR, TAF, NOTAM, Abbreviations, etc)
Web based administrator
User administrator
Pilots account
Reduce engine requirement
Engine preservation
Fuel saving
Reduce errors in speed calculation and thrust reduction
Reduce flight crew workload

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