eLila on Windows

Computerized Takeoff and Landing Analysis Report permits flight crews and ground personnel to perform real-time calculations based on current weather and runway surface conditions while adhering to company and regulatory policies and procedures.

Since eLila runs on a Windows® computer, you can install the software on any Class 1 or Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with Windows.

Instant and accurate calculations save time by correcting for pressure variation, runway conditions, engine bleeds, and CDL items. eLila is capable of computations using both metric and English units and indicates which units are used for any displayed data.

This application uses a combination of pre-loaded and real time information to make the calculations. eLila calculates takeoff and landing performance parameters based on the aircraft manufacturer’s performance algorithms. Additionally, eLila provides the user the ability to calculate aircraft weight & balance.

Features and functions
Takeoff optimization with assumed temperature method/Derated
Complete constraint checks concerning input validity
Consideration of weather data, such as wind velocity, outside air temperature and atmospheric pressure
Aircraft configuration settings, such as thrust, flap, anti-icing and air-condition
Consideration of MEL, CDL items
Optimization of slat-/flap setting
Analyzed runway and obstacle data with respective optimized engine out procedures
Manually inclusion of obstacles as well as runway shortenings on demand
Specification of runway condition (wet or contamination level)
Standardized graphical user interface for all aircraft types
All required take-off data will be displayed after performing the final calculation:
Take-off speeds V1, VR, V2
Slat-/flap setting
Maximum allowable take-off weight
Thrust level
Acceleration altitude
Limiting factors
EOSID procedure
Reduce engine requirement
Engine preservation
Fuel saving
Reduce errors in speed calculation and thrust reduction
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