With eTest increase your Aviation knowledge in an entertaining and educational app.
It was developed with the aim of testing knowledge for commercial pilots and flight dispatchers.
Customers can select airports from over 2.000, including gravel runways. Obstacles can be edited depending on the obstacle splay used by each customer.

eTest initial version contains:

1 module with 6 Performance tests of 10 questions each
1 Weight and Balance module with 4 tests of 10 questions each

These tests will increase with the application updates. Further updates will include more modules related to meteorology, aerodynamics, regulation, flight dispatch, etc.
Enjoy your time while traveling by subway, waiting for the bus, or just increasing your knowledge on these matters.
Demonstrate your knowledge!

Available in Spanish, English and Russian language.
No Internet connection required to perform the test.
Display the wrong answer explanation.
Check the statistics of hits and misses.

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