AERONAUTICAL SOLUTIONS INC. created by aviation industry experts to meet the needs of the aviation market in the areas of aircraft performance, analysis, data and resources for flight departments to include customized QRH, FCOM, runway analysis and performance charts.
Our products meet the needs of aircraft operators that require optimization of resources and an efficient, approved, continually updated data set to comply with regulations and maintain safety of air operations. Aeronautical Solutions has vast experience in the aviation field and constant interaction with the leading names in the aviation industry, which allows access to the most updated information so we can focus on our customers’ needs and then translate this into innovative products.
The company philosophy is to provide airlines dynamic tools that enable them to facilitate and optimize the control and management of air operations. We can provide a complete data and management system in the area of flight operations and develop customized technology solutions that target your current unmet needs and the new challenges presented to the airline industry. Since our foundation we have continually developed new innovative products for the aviation industry.
Founded in Chile, we have had the support of the Government of Chile by CORFO for product development and ProChile for the internationalization of our technology, leading to our successful introduction to, and acceptance by, the international market place.
We are ready to provide you with a very competitive suite of products and customization to your requirements.

Ricardo Quintana

Patricio Lagos